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Miller cui 初二三班 崔天禹

On March 12th, 2012, Professor Zhang from theBeijingForeignStudiesUniversitycame to our school where she prepared some “culture reading” for us and gave a fascinating speech about the English language.

I thought this was an interesting topic, so I listened to her speech carefully and I converted some ideas about English. For example, maybe people say that English is just another language but it’s a really important one! People all around the world speak it. If you want to have a wonderful future, you must learn English well!

After Doctor Zhang demonstrated why learning English is very important, she talked about people’s lives. Even though “life” is just a word it has many meanings and since we all have ephemeral lives, the question becomes: how can we make it abound? I think we need to gain more knowledge in this world. But how can we do this? She revealed the answer to us— “reading” is the most effective approach to make a life brilliant. If we want to achieve more knowledge, why not begin reading right now?

If we do more reading and become friendlier, our lives will also become better.Everybody knows that the knowledge we have learned in school is not enough for our futures.

Finally I want to say that if you want to perfect your life, please do some reading! If you want to be better than the people around you, please do more reading! So, let’s read together from now on!

Guide Teacher: Sigrid Roman& Jasmine Ji